Linton’s Memorial

Major J Geoffrey Appleyard, DSO, MC and Bar [aged 26 years]. Evacuated at Dunkirk. Awarded Military Cross for rescuing two French secret agents. Gained parachute wings. Regularly raided the enemy across the Channel. Awarded DSO for a particularly daring raid on the Channel Islands. Shot down and killed on a mission to prepare for landings in Sicily – 13 July 1943.

Lieutenant A R Cooke [aged 27 years]. Royal Artillery. Born into the family of the well-known Leeds printers. Died while on active service in West Africa – 6 December 1945.

Captain Graham Hayes MC. After a Commando raid in September 1942 on the Normandy coast with nine others, all of whom were killed, Graham escaped. He swam along the coast, was aided by a French family who handed him to the resistance. He was smuggled into Spain where he was betrayed and returned to France. He was subsequently interrogated by the Gestapo and shot – 13 July 1943.

Flying Officer Malcolm C Hayes [aged 23 years]. Royal artillery and RAF VR. Killed in action in France – 20 February 1943.

Flight Sergeant R H Heydon. 179 Squadron. RAF Coastal Command. Went missing on the night of 12/13 June 1944. Presumed killed in action.

Flight Sergeant Sidney N Hilder. Pathfinders. RAF VR. Went missing and presumed killed in action – 6 November 1944.

Flight Sergeant William L Hilder. Pilot. RAF. Bomber Command VR. Went missing and presumed killed in action – 16/17 March 1945.

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