User Guide A-Z

User Guide A-Z

We hope you have a safe, happy and successful event and enjoy using Linton Memorial Hall

Please remember that this community hall is run and managed by volunteers and we ask all our users to look after the hall, to use it responsibly and to leave it in the state you would wish to find it.

Please let us know if there are any omissions in this guide and we will try to include in the next revision.


Your key works the main entrance. If you have hired the Committee Room, an additional key will be provided.

Depending on the type of event, you may prefer to lock the door during the booking. Please do NOT identify your keys with labels. Please return all keys when bookings cease by posting through the letter box unless otherwise agreed.

Losing the keys will result in a £25 fee being deducted from your security deposit


Flat, step-free access is provided to the main hall and kitchen from the car park and through the front door.

A fully accessible WC is available on the ground floor, next to the main stage. Ensure that access is maintained at all times.

The lower ground floor is accessible but users should note that there is a low threshold step.

The Committee Room is not accessible to anyone unable to negotiate a flight of stairs.

Accidents (see also ‘Emergency’ & ‘First Aid’)

The nearest A&E hospital is nine miles away at Harrogate District Hospital, Lancaster Park Rd, Harrogate HG2 7SX, 01423 553300.

The first aid kit is in the kitchen over the wash hand basin.

Please notify us by email (see cover) with details of any accidents.



The hall does not have a licence for the sale of alcohol.

The licensing law requires that there is a licence for the sale of alcohol at all events. You are selling alcohol if:

  • You are charging for alcoholic drinks at any event
  • If the event is ticketed and you are providing a free drink. (This is seen as selling as the cost is included in the ticket price and or the organisation providing the alcohol is providing the free drink.)
  • If the event has an entrance charge and you are providing a free drink.

A licence is not required when:

  • The event is free and drink is provided for free (for example a family wedding or party where alcohol is not charged for).
  • If people bring their own drink with them to consume on the premises.
  • If alcohol is donated by an individual (not an organisation charging for entrance).

If you wish to sell alcohol at your event you must let the Bookings Manager know and we will check to see whether a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) (see below) is available from our yearly quota from Leeds City Council. We are only allowed 15 TENs per year. It costs £21 for a TEN. It is the hirer’s responsibility to obtain and display the TEN during the event.


Ensure that when you make your booking, you include time for setting-up and clearing down.

Back-to-back bookings are normal so please respect the bookings of others and leave the hall as you found it/ would have liked to have found it. The hall does not arrange cleaning between each booking and the Management Committee cannot be held responsible for the condition from the previous booking.

If the hall has been left in an unhygienic state by a previous booking, please report it to the Bookings Manager at the earliest opportunity, and if possible, please take photographs to demonstrate the problem.

Cancellation by hirer

Cancellation of a booking by a Hirer must be made to the Bookings Manager. The cancellation will be effective from the day of receipt of such notice. If the Hirer needs to cancel a booking, for whatever reason, they will then become liable to pay the Committee a cancellation fee as follows:

  • More than eight weeks before the booked event - 100% refund, less a £30 administration fee.
  • Four weeks before the booked event - 50% refund.
  • Two weeks before the booked event - 25% refund
  • Less than two weeks before the event - no refund
Cancellation by Linton Memorial Hall

The Committee reserves the right to cancel the hiring by written (emailed) notice to the hirer in the event of:

  • The premises being required for use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local Government election or by-election.
  • The Committee reasonably considers that a breach of licensing conditions, legal or statutory requirements or unlawful or unsuitable activities will take place at the premises as a result of this hiring.
  • The premises becoming unfit for the use intended by the Hirer.

No naked flames, decorative candles, tealights, etc. to be used under any circumstances. . This is a health and safety requirement and any breach will invalidate the hall’s insurance.

Please use LED battery-operated candles instead.


Take care not to exceed the licensed capacity of the hall, which is 113 persons in the main hall, 30 persons in the lower ground rooms and 15 persons in the Committee Room. This is a health and safety requirement and any breach will invalidate the hall’s insurance.

Car parking

The car park adjoining Linton Memorial Hall is shared between the users of the hall. Parking is strictly “first come, first served”.

This should be done considerately, ensuring that neighbouring properties are not blocked, and access to the main road is always clear. Please park carefully, to ensure the maximum use of the parking area.

Please note that the car park can be hired or reserved separately by prior arrangement with the Bookings Manager and subject to availability.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is not permitted in any part of Linton Memorial Hall.


The Hall should be left with all chairs stacked by type, on the stage. Ensure stacked chairs are vertical with protection studs aligned.

Please do NOT drag chairs across the floor or stand on or otherwise dirty the chairs.

Chairs can be hired separately by prior arrangement with the Bookings Manager and subject to availability.


The hall is cleaned regularly. Hall users should, however, leave the premises ‘as found’. A vacuum cleaner / wide floor broom and dustpan & brush are provided adjacent to the gents/disabled toilet at the rear of the hall. Cleaning products are kept in the tall cupboard in the kitchen.

Please return these after use.

We expect the floor to be swept and the floor mopped, particularly if anything sticky has been spilt.

Complaints (formally submitted)

These should be submitted by email (see cover) - alternatively on paper addressed to the Chairman and left in the letterbox.

Crockery, cutlery and glassware

The hall provides some crockery, cutlery and glassware as part of your hire.

We expect these items to cleaned, dried and carefully stacked and put away in their original locations at the end of your hire.

Please advise us of any breakages so that we can replace for subsequent users.


Located externally at the front of the hall.

For emergency use – no training is necessary but can be provided.


If you are using outside caterers or having hire equipment delivered – please be aware that no provision can be made for caterers to deliver or remove equipment outside the times of your hire of the Hall. Equally, we are unable to store any items outside of the times of your hire of the hall.


We take a returnable deposit in advance. This will be refunded within 28 days of the termination of the period of hire provided that no damage or loss has been caused to the premises and/or contents nor complaints made to the Memorial Hall about noise or other disturbance.

Directions - From the north A1

Exit the A1M at junction 46 marked Wetherby services, then at the roundabout turn right onto Walton Road B6164, at the next roundabout go straight across and at the third roundabout turn left on Deighton Road. Follow the road until you see the postal sorting office on your left and a roundabout painted on the road and turn right.  At the T-junction turn right and immediately turn left to Sicklinghall and Linton, cross the bridge and turn left to Linton and Wood Hall. Follow this road, with Wetherby Golf Club on your left. Linton Memorial Hall is at the bottom of the hill on your left, opposite Northgate Lane.

Directions - From the south A1

Exit the A1M at junction 45 sign posted Otley and Wetherby, at the bottom of slip road turn left, at the roundabout follow signs for Collingham.  Follow the road to the T-junction and turn left. Follow the road and you will see the Half Moon pub on your right, take the right turning in the middle of the road.  Follow the road and turn right before traffic lights at the Lady Elizabeth Hastings school sign posted Linton. Follow this road over the bridge and up into the village of Linton. Go past the Windmill Pub on your right. Linton Memorial Hall is at the bottom of the hill on your right, opposite Northgate Lane.


Instructions are displayed on the wall by the machine.


The nearest doctor’s surgery is in Wetherby: 01937 543200.


The main isolation switch and the distribution board are located in the Services Cupboard Located in LGF Gents toilets.

Note that the kitchen sub supply distribution board is in the Kitchen.

Instructions are posted on the wall by the boards – to help identify and clear any electrical trips. Trips should be reported in the ‘Log-it-to-Fix-it’ diary or notify us by email (see cover).

Electrical appliances

Do not bring onto the property any portable electrical appliances which have not been properly tested.

Do not leave electrical appliances operating while unattended.


The hall does not have a telephone landline facility.

Reporting an emergency by mobile – 999 or 112 - give LS22 4HL postcode as well as the name ‘Linton Memorial Hall’.

Faults ‘Log-it-to-Fix-it’

Please note any faults, maintenance requirements or problems with the facilities – in the ‘Log-it-to-Fix-it’ diary located in the kitchen or notify us by email (see cover) with details. Major faults must be reported a.s.a.p. to the Bookings Manager.

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are located in the entrance foyer, main hall at the back of the stage, upstairs in the Committee Room, downstairs in the entrance foyer, plus a fire blanket in the kitchen. Please read the sign above each to determine what sort of fire they are for.

Do not obstruct firefighting equipment and let us know if an extinguisher is discharged for any reason.

Fire and other emergency

In an emergency, such as fire, standby lighting will come on if there is a power failure.

All the exits are clearly marked.

The hall is fitted with crash bars at 2 downstairs exits - each is clearly marked with an illuminated exit sign. Ensure that people leave quickly and calmly without stopping to collect belongings.

From the Committee Room, the means of escape is via the staircase and then out through the front door, or otherwise through the main hall and the downstairs emergency door. Check that no one is still in the building. Close as many windows and doors as you can on leaving. The emergency assembly point is on the far side of the carpark towards the tennis pavilion. Do not assemble near the entrance to the car park which will be needed by the emergency services.

Take a moment to plan how you would evacuate the hall, lead people to safety and call the emergency services should a fire or major incident occur while you are at the hall.

Fire Alarm

In the event of the alarm sounders activating:

  • Carry out an immediate inspection of the building to establish if there is a fire or other incident that has caused the alarm activation.
  • The hall user should take appropriate action to evacuate the building
  • OR if no cause can be established and a false alarm is declared, the system can be silenced and reset.



  1. Enable the controls by entering the 4 digit code 8737 or using the key. Press button ENTER. A yellow indicator will light up next to the keyhole. The display window will show USER.
  2. Press SILENCE ALARM red button.
  3. Check the system indicator lights on left to try and identify the location of activation. Manual call points require reset with black key.


  1. Press RESET SYSTEM red button.
  2. Press SILENCE BUZZER red button
  3. EXIT controls by pressing ESC button (bottom row left). The system should display NORM in the display window and the yellow indicator will go out.

7.     If the key has been used, turn back to OFF and replace the key in its box.

First Aid

A First Aid box is kept in the kitchen area. Please inform the Bookings Manager if you have used any items so that they can be replaced.

Furniture store

Furniture is stored on the main stage. Please take care moving chairs and tables. Do not drag them across the polished floor. Replace them tidily after use, grouping similar items together.


Gas is only used for the heating boiler in the Boiler Room. If you smell gas in the building – evacuate everyone and ring 0800-111-999 or 999, then notify the Bookings Manager.

The Gas meter and isolator valve is in the services cupboard (right hand side low level) located in LGF Gents toilets.

Health & Safety

All users share responsibility with the LMH Management Committee for Health & Safety.


A smart room temperature controller is set to the requirements of each regular user’s timeslot. Please do not attempt to reset the heating timer.

Ideally, controls on the individual radiators should not be adjusted. Please never turn the radiators below 1 as this may cause frost damage. If you do need to adjust the valves, please leave them on a middle setting so the hall is warm for the next group.

Report any heating problems to the Bookings Manager.

Items left at Linton Memorial Hall

Please note that Linton Memorial Hall can accept no responsibility for loss of items from the hall. All items found in the hall and not belonging to the hall are donated at the end of each month to a local charity of our choosing.

Kitchen & catering

Before using the kitchen facilities please read the guidance notes displayed on the walls next to each appliance.

Preparation of food is governed by local Council Food Hygiene legislation.

Users must remove all food at the end of their booking.

Leaving & locking up

Leaving & locking up checklist - see dropdown list.

We take a returnable deposit in advance. This will be refunded within 28 days of the termination of the period of hire provided that no damage or loss has been caused to the premises and/or contents nor complaints made to the Memorial Hall about noise or other disturbance.


The emergency lights are on permanently. All other lights should be turned off on leaving the building. Lighting in toilet areas is controlled by movement detectors. Car park lighting is limited. Please take care and assist other users if required.

When using the stage acquaint yourself with the various lighting options.


Please consider our neighbours with regard to noise – both with any music you are playing and when guests are leaving. Keeping doors and windows closed will help cut down any noise considerably.

Notices (& decoration)

Do not stick notices or decorations to the emulsioned walls.

Do not use blue tack, sellotape, pins.


Observe the one-way system, IN & OUT of the car park.

Two accessible parking spaces are provided immediately in front of the main entrance.

The car park is reserved for hall users.


An upright piano is stored in the main hall. It is only available for use with prior authorisation by the LMH management committee. The piano is extremely heavy and must not be moved in case the piano or the floor is damaged.

Rubbish & Recycling

Please make sure that you bring plenty of refuse sacks with you as we do not provide them.

There is refuse bin for food and general waste outside the main entrance to the hall. This is emptied once a week. We ask users not to leave large amounts of rubbish in this bin as it is provided for all our users throughout the week. Excessive rubbish created by large events such as parties should be removed by the hirer.

The hirer is responsible for the removal of all recyclable waste and glass from the hall grounds so please make plans to take your own refuse away.

Please do not leave any refuse next to the bin as the refuse contractors will not pick it up and it may attract vermin.

If you do leave rubbish on the floor one of our volunteers will have to move your rubbish, for which we may make a charge.


Users are advised to prevent intruders while events are underway by keeping the external door ‘on the catch’ – requiring key access from outside but ready access on exit.


Smoking is not allowed in any part of the building or in the immediate vicinity of the building. Please sweep up any butts outside the front of the hall after your event.


Storage is extremely limited at Linton Memorial Hall.

If you are using outside caterers or having hire equipment delivered – please be aware that no provision can be made for caterers to deliver or remove equipment outside the times of your hire of the Hall. Equally, we are unable to store any items outside of the times of your hire of the hall.


Tables are stored at the rear of the hall, on the right hand of the stage in an alcove.

Tables must be wiped down carefully after use.

Please stack tables neatly, grouped by size.

TENs (Temporary Events Notices)

Historically, a TEN was required for the sale of alcohol and/or for ‘regulated entertainment’, however many of the activities outlined as ‘regulated entertainment’ have now been deregulated (from 6 April 2015).

A licence is no longer required for the following activities (subject to certain conditions): Plays, Dance, Films provided that it constitutes a ‘not-for-profit’ film exhibition held in community premises, Indoor sporting events, Music provided that the organiser gets consent for the performance on the relevant premises from the local authority concerned. Please check with Leeds City Council if unsure.

A TEN licence IS required for the supply of alcohol i.e. sale by retail and ‘proxy’ sales (drinks included in the ticket price, donations for alcohol).

Further information is available from:

The cost of a TEN is currently £21. It is the hirer’s responsibility to obtain and display the TEN during their event.

For a standard TEN, the premises user must give Leeds City Council at least ten working days’ notice. This does not include the day they receive the TEN or the day of the event, any weekends or bank holidays.

TV Licence

Linton Memorial Hall does not hold a television licence.

This means that you may not download or watch BBC programmes on demand – including catch up TV – on BBC iPlayer. This applies to all devices, including a smart TV, desktop computer or laptop, mobile phone, tablet, digital box or games console on our premises and stands even if you access BBC iPlayer through another provider.


The water meter & stop tap is located in the services cupboard (right hand side high level) located in LGF Gents toilets.

Wooden Floor

The main hall has an attractive sprung maple floor. This can be damaged through carelessness and if that occurs, is very expensive to repair. The floor should be swept after use.

If fluids are spilled on the floor, please mop up with paper towels or similar.

In case of sticky spills, the wooden floor can be mopped with hot, very slightly soapy water, using a well wrung mop. Bleach is not to be used under any circumstances.

Please remember that many of our regular hirers use the hall for floor classes and need a clean space to exercise in.

Viewing the Hall

The hall may be viewed by arrangement with the Bookings Manager on 07899 841963.


The provision of this hall is only possible due to the commitment of individuals who give freely of their time, knowledge, skills and experience.

Please treat our volunteers in a polite, kind and respectful manner. Rudeness and intimidation will not be tolerated.

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